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NBR Cancelled


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Anyone else sad to see the Nightly Business Report (a business show on public access tv produced by CNBC) was cancelled at the end of the year? It was created in 1979 and I think it was the last intelligent business show out there. I watched or listened to the podcast daily during the work week.  :(


Hopefully some philanthropist will take notice and offer to cover the production costs.



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My favourite business news show right now is Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene. I record it on my PVR and fast forward lots. He sometimes has some very good guests on.


Thanks, I'll check that one out.


I had Sling for a month last year & it came with Bloomberg & CNBC.


I found CNBC to be mostly a bunch of chest beating nonsense.


Bloomberg was full of informative stories & interviews.


I can see how CNBC would be more popular in todays world.

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