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MS Excel - Tips, tricks, Qs & As etc.

John Hjorth

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I just did a search by topic title, if this was covered already by a topic in the General Discussion forum. It does not seem to be, however specific questions related to MS Excel has been covered in a few separate topics over the years here at CoBF.


This topic is not meant only for nerds, wizards & addicts [, or even some people with Microsoft certificates, paid for [most likely dearly!], and drawn in a candy- or sandworm-for-fishing-like vending machine [<- like me]] ... - Please just post! [ ; - ) ]


- - - o 0 o - - -


For starters, attached is an Excel Shortcuts Cheat Sheet.


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There are some good macros to aid in financial modeling as well. A pretty basic and useful one is called ripper, which creates shortcuts for common formatting tasks. To use it, open a spreadsheet and run MACROS.xla and then ripper.xla. Available shortcuts are in the third attachment.


I used this several years ago while I was working at a small hedge fund. I'm sure there are some better ones out there. Can anyone recommend another tool to make financial modeling more efficient?




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