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The Case Against Education - Bryan Douglas Caplan


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[amazonsearch]The Case Against Education[/amazonsearch] was an interesting book that I think a lot of you would enjoy.  Although it could have been much shorter, it really makes you think about education and signaling vs. knowledge. 


Here is a brief discussion about the topic and the book with Rory Sutherland



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Hey all:


It is about damn time!


I've been railing about the education industrial complex for YEARS.


A shocking amount of "education" is both a waste of time & resources.


Everybody automatically thinks that more education is good.  Everybody thinks that teachers/educators are underpaid.  Everybody thinks the skools are starved of funds.  This is not the case.


What is even worse is that it ruins the lives of so many people.  We are forcing young adults to make a life altering wager with education.  Guess wrong/get faulty education/have problems and you are ruined for life.


It would be great if every high school kid had to read this book!

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