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Pharma stock, Trump bill signed for opioid addiction


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What are your thoughts on the bill signed for opioids addiction that Trump signed? Do you think stocks like Titan Pharmaceuticals will see a rally? They produce drugs for addicts ..assisting with recovery.

Titan Pharmaceuticals is in the right spot but does not seem to have the right product.

The bill is the result of a reasonable bipartisan effort which, by itself, deserves at least some praise.


To help in evaluating entrants which could eventually benefit, interesting to look at the different paths:

-primary prevention: avoid occurrence of the problem

-secondary prevention: intervene in the early stage(s) of the problem

-tertiary prevention: mitigate the impact and complications related to the problem


You may want to look into naloxone (and related products) which is used in acute situations (tertiary prevention). The bill has provisions for the use of naloxone by first responders. If you have ideological unease with this aspect, I have too just as I felt unease when the TARP program was approved. Interesting also because, some "experts" suggest to look into a recently defined quaternary prevention which imply using methods to mitigate or avoid results of unnecessary or excessive interventions in the health system which brings you back to primary prevention which is where the money is. Of course, primary prevention has to do with how your "environment" deals with mental disease and general socio-economic distress, two factors that are unlikely to hurt your investment returns, at least in the short term.


Have you been to Vermont? I often go there for reasons unrelated to investment. They just tend to be nice people.


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