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Digging up old financial information? Value Line?


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Hey all:


Does anybody know how to get older financial information?


Specifically, I am interested in the financial position of Chrysler in the 60's, 70's, 80's, and even into the 90's.


I am curious if their financial position (balance sheet), has ever been as strong as it is now.


Any help is appreciated!

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Chrylser:  for when filings were available for part of the 90's. 



You might run a search online for old annuals.


Other options.

1 Ask the company.  They can usually dig up old info for you.

2  Moodys manuals

3. Value line

4.  Request old annuals/10-Ks from the SEC.


Miller talks about Chrysler in his book Turnaround Kid.  Was the CFO in the 80's when it almost went BK.


Just keep something in mind.  These highly unionized car companies can gush money fast in a downturn.

I am not even fully sure why.


I also think there is an auto finance bubble at least in the US and likely elsewhere.  Auto finance and car sales are joined at the hip.



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