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This story claims that Wells Fargo is willing to cut your payment down to 2% interest if that's what it takes to keep you from walking away. 


I take it that solves the 'jingle mail' risk for now -- a 2% interest rate would result in payments lower than renting a home elsewhere.  Meanwhile as long as interest rates are this low it is still a profitable loan for the bank even at 2%.


There are even people getting 0% temporary interest rates from some lenders.  That ought to completely eliminate the risk of somebody walking away from the loan!




For example, Californians Steve and Elena Servi received a 2% fixed-rate loan from Wells Fargo that replaced the 6.75% adjustable rate mortgage on their Rowland Heights house.


In the case of the Servis, their house had lost perhaps 40% of its value since they purchased it five years ago. Repossessing the home would have cost Wells Fargo more than $100,000 in lost value alone, plus the legal expenses, commissions, taxes and other expenses the bank would have incurred.



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