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AI - Artificial Intelligence

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2 hours ago, Jurgis said:

I am wrong person to ask about biotech. Every time I tried to get into it, I found out that the amount of material is huge and it is very hard to get a deep insight into it. I think I'm gonna defer to FSPHX for old med/pharma and XBI for the new bio.

I agree with your comments about valuations, pricing power risks, expirations, etc.


Thanks @Jurgis.  Am I reading it correctly that XBI's forward P/E is reasonable? Have you found it to be reliable? 

Other than QQQ, IWO, IWF, XBI & FSPHX, what other ETFs are you thinking might be a good way to catch growth? 

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5 hours ago, LearningMachine said:

Other than QQQ, IWO, IWF, XBI & FSPHX, what other ETFs are you thinking might be a good way to catch growth? 

FSPHX is not really growth. It's mostly old medical and pharma. Good fund historically, but not shoot out the stars growth.

Well, since you asked:

https://cathiesark.com/ 😎😈


I would respectfully ask to move any ARK discussion into ARK thread that exists somewhere. I'd rather AI thread not become ARK thread. 😇

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Posted (edited)

Found someone who thinks like me about AI :-).


Really like the quote at 14:10: "AIs can travel the way they are already traveling in my lab ... wirelessly" 🙂


This is huge.  Evolution hadn't developed an organism whose nerves could be wireless.  So far :-).




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On 5/17/2021 at 7:42 PM, Jurgis said:

I am not investing in PLTR on principle.


On 5/17/2021 at 7:42 PM, Jurgis said:

I am not investing in PLTR on principle.

I'm not sure what your beef is with them...you said 'f them' in the other thread and snowden was a hero without providing any rationale for how thats related to an investment decision

first..i'm going on vacation tomorrow, so I won't see any response you put here, so advance warning this is more of a unilateral message than a conversation (sorry about that) 🙂

But second, I would encourage you to have an open mind on pltr.  PLTR has in certain crowds a bad rep which I believe is misunderstood.  consider the following:

  • if you're concerned about snowden and human rights violations, why would you invest in the other tech companies you listed that haven't stood up to china?  
  • pltr takes data privacy, controls, governance very seriously.  Seriously enough that they are given the most credentialed approvals for government work in the US and in many allies abroad
  • whatever your politics, even if you thought pltr has done evil through its involvement with the US government in things like ICE or counterterrorism, Karp has made a very good argument as to why american companies, citizens, and tech giants have a duty to not turn their backs on the government and assist in the governments missions (to the extent they are not blatantly immoral).  Every other tech giant gets rich using american infrastructure and rule of law and doesn't complain about it, but then doesn't want to assist the government in protecting rule of law when it comes to it.
  • if pltr didn't provide the service, someone else (like another company on your prospective investment list) would.  whomever the winners are in AI, the US government will be a user of their services.  It is illogical to say you wont invest in PLTR today because of their involvement with the US government today, but that you want to invest in basket of AI companies to find the eventual winners.  The eventual winners, if not PLTR, will eventually provide whatever services of PLTR's that you are currently opposed to.
  • pltr is moving beyond government work.  their corporate work is the future and far bigger potential and more interesting
  • why would you pass on a company 'on principle'.  On what principle?  the principle that you are closed minded and opposed to making a buck?

PLTR in my base case will have a multi-hundred billion valuation in ~5-10 years (rivaling the size of other SaaS majors like CRM, ORCL, SAP).  And it won't necessarily be from eating their lunch (the pie will grow), so those companies market caps will also increase in that time.  What does this mean?  Potential 10 bagger, even after doubling from listing price, and considering dilution in the coming years.  I agree with you though owning a basket is best, as the risks are high to any given name.  I also own data companies such as CRM, ORLC, NOW, AMZN and other techs as well (aapl, qcom, csco, wstg, tech mutual fund).  PLTR seems to be the most exciting in terms of potential relative to price right now.  I would strongly encourage you to take an open minded look rather than dismissing 'on principle'.  

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