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KKR: Omaha on the Hudson


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Stock is interesting below $20 in a market pull-back


The accounting here is very confusing and the filings/IR don't seem to help. But maybe it's because I'm new to the PE / Asset manager industry.


Is the realized performance fee income they show in their investor deck and filings net of what has previously already been accrued and expensed (unrealized carry assets and accrued liabilities on the balance sheet?).  Or do they need give 40% away on the realized portion in comp?  I would think the former since they have a large accrual expense for carry every period that sits on the balance sheet.


Also what is the purpose of the after-tax distributable earnings?  That doesn't seem to be a useful "earnings" metric to me.  The "realized income" as a revenue item seems a bit confusing to me.  Isn' that just a gain on sale?  How do the earnings from their PE investments flow through the P&L? Is that through the "realized income" section? 



Help!  Thank you.



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Good article on KKR, with praise for Berkshire from Henry Kravis, and how KKR will change its operations going forward.  Cheers!




This link is not active. Could you pls repost. thanks



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