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The New Crazy Eddie?!


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Mad genius or just plain mad...obvious where I stand on this one, from the first time I heard about him and saw his written crap on TheStreet.con!







Agora Financial has been running these types of ads for $5000 newsletters for years.  They used to be about stocks, now they mention cryptocurrencies.  Nothing new though.  If I knew a fool proof way to make easy 100x or 1000x returns why would I bother creating a newsletter?  It's amazing to me that anyone falls for this stuff.  A fool and his money are soon parted.


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I've heard some interesting stories about James.  I wonder what his monthly ad spend is on yahoo.com and others.


I listen to the Pitch podcast.  There was one in mid-dec where he was one of the guys on the panel.  He asked no questions during the pitch but then came in and invested the full amount.  However afterwards he never returned the phone calls, emails, etc to follow through.  Atleast call the guy.





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