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Ability to purchase Korean stocks?


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Looking for any US citizens that have experience buying Korean listed stocks.  Fidelity used to allow purchasing Korean listed securities if you called on the phone and spoke to a broker.  I just got off of the phone with a Fidelity rep and he told me Fidelity stopped this practice (SEC shut it down) roughly 6-7 months ago.  According to the rep I talked to, you need a Korean ID number which doesn't seem easily attainable as a US citizen.


Does anyone have any insight into alternatives?  Another US broker would be ideal but I think Fidelity was the last to do this.   

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There are multiple threads on this board that cover the brokers that buy the stocks directly as well as what stocks are avaiable in ADR/GDR form on major exchanges. It might be worth a quick search.


Actually spent some time parsing through search results prior to making this thread and that led me to believing Fidelity was the only remaining option.  Possible I missed something...?

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