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Thought exercise: what will it take for AMZN, MSFT, GOOG, AAPL,FB to be 50% high


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Let us do the Charlie Munger exercise in reverse (same as Bernoulli method), when and what will it take for these companies to be 50% higher than they are today.


AMZN: 1500, market cap - 714 billion

MSFT: 109, market cap - 850 billion

FB: 240, market cap - 800 billion

GOOG: 1400, market cap - 1 trillion

AAPL: 220, market cap - 1.2 trillion


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What -> revenue, earnings and cash flow growth accompanied by continued innovation

When -> Time


I'll +1 this.


However, OP should be asking two different questions: what it will take the market cap of XXX be higher 50% and what it will take the stock price of XXX to be higher 50%. The answers to these are not the same (hint: think stock buybacks for example).

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