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BRK 2016 Annual Report

John Hjorth

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Total BV 31.12.2016 = 283,001 B


Add to adjust KHC till 31.12.2016    13,1 B  for fairvalue


Add further till today (Jan+Feb+1March):


Add for Investment gains app        12,4 B    (Appel accumulation before 30th Jan, KHC, BAC warrents incl.)

Add for Operative Jan+Feb app        3,0 B


TOTAL BV today                          311,501 B


This means BV per B share on 1. March 2017 = app 126,30 $ (KHC adjusted)


If its correct 177,28 $ (B closing price yesterday) is 40 % over (KHC adjusted) BV and seems still cheap to me.


ATTENTION: deffered taxes are not embedded. Also unknown subjects from 1th Jan till today. Imo it is not possible to calculate an exact figure; so all is just approximatly...

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