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hi all - i know buffett, munger, pabrai and others have commented on the benefits of an investment committee of one and the problems with group decision making.  i am looking to learn more in this area - can you post any relevant quotes, links, reading material etc that you can remember coming across that speaks to this philosophy?


thanks in advance

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I was reminded many years ago, & by quite a few people, to always keep a few knuckle-draggers around you. If they also smelt bad, and wouldn't think twice to sh1tting all over your rugs - they should be high on your list. Of course I might have been the object of some of that advice! 


You need to hear the messages bluntly, the tone, and the judgement. Its direct conversation, they will match your punches, and there will be zero political correctness. Most folks aren't up to it.


The good news is that its often the common sense 'street view',

and it gets updated every day.



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