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Fairfax vs Berkshire Annual Meeting


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So, I'm trying to decide between Berkshire and Fairfax annual meetings next year.


The pro for going to Berkshire is that Charlie and Warren aren't getting any younger (and I have not been yet.)

The con is that there are just too many people and it's televised anyway.


The pro for Fairfax is that it is a smaller crowd, with more opportunity for getting to know people.



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If you have to choose one, go to Omaha.  You should hear Buffett & Munger at least once in person, and see what they've built.


We're not going anywhere at the Fairfax dinner, so you can always come the following year.  Prem is also still quite young and in very good shape, so you'll definitely be able to hear him for many more years!  :)



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I believe you've been to DJCO meeting in LA. Then you've seen Munger already and way way way closer than you'll see him in Omaha. @DJCO you can even ask a question. (Though I should shut up before DJCO turns into multithousand people circus too).


I disagree with Parsad on Omaha. I haven't been there, but IMO it's a mega circus. I hate crowds. I don't see a point standing in line from 5am, then sitting in huge auditorium and seeing pin-sized Buffett 200 yards away. TV/Internetz is much better. Even if there was no TV/Internetz, I would not go. (I should have gone 20+ years ago, but coulda/shoulda).


IMO Omaha makes sense only if you want to meet people from CoBF or other places and hang out with them. Toronto makes sense for that too. The overlap of the crowd is possibly not huge. There's bunch of people who go to Omaha and don't go to Toronto and vice versa.


All this IMO. If you love crowds, then maybe Omaha is for you. :)


Hope this helps.

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After going to Omaha once, and the fact that it was live streamed this year, I don't see much point in going there again.  All the people I want to talk to are usually at FFH and there's a better shot at actually talking to people.  Although perhaps that is because I don't go talk to people I don't know...

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Guest longinvestor

I suppose those that go year after year to either Toronto or Omaha are heavily invested in the stock; One hears of people who have been making the trip to Omaha ever since the first meeting in the 1970's. These folks reportedly have much of their net worth in it. The live streaming of the meeting starting this year will act as a filter for those who go there just for the education. Save the time and expense. If it continues to be recorded and posted online like this year, more folks will stay home.


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