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AMZN beats Berkshire in market cap


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I bought a small amount of Amazon at around $190/share, when everyone was saying how overpriced it was then.



At current prices though, it seems like either Amazon is over valued or Berkshire is greatly undervalued. Maybe a combination of both.

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Guest longinvestor

From an earlier report,  http://www.semperaugustus.com/2016BRK.aspx



                            Sales *                    Net Profit *      Market Cap               

Facebook          $17.9 B                      $3.6 B              $305 B

Amazon            $107 B                        $ 0.6              $ 325 B

Netflix                $6.7 B                        $ 0.12              $ 51B

Google/Alphabet $75B                          $18.5              $ 534


Total (fang)      $206 B                        $22.9 B          $1,215 B


Berkshire Hathaway $220 B                    $25 B            $325 B


An interesting extension of this analysis would be to add up the earnings & sales of these four companies for their entire duration of existence (1997?) and compare that with BRK for that same period. Of course, investment is all about the future. Who cares about the past, ha!


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