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Anatomy of the Bear - Russell Napier


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On my to read list.  Liked his presentation at Ivy on youtube, especially his humility regarding forecasting and the conclusions he put forward (he is, after all, largely drawing upon a sample size of 3; if I understood his presentation).


Yeah, I've had the pleasure to talk with him.. I dont think he receives enough credit right now.



From his book: "The important impact of all central bank funding on the Us Government is that it was funded by the creation of new liabilities by central bankers and not the liquidation of assets by savers. Thus freed from obligation to fund the Us Government, savers were free to fund anything else they wanted. And at various stages form 1994 to 2015 they seemed capable of funding everything else! However, as the obligations to fund the US Government falls back upon its savers, there will be fewer savings available to fund the private sector."



Another interesting excerpt


Can it be coincidence that the four years covered in this book  -1921, 1932, 1949, 1982 - also marked momentous change in american Society. There was the birth of the consumer society (1921, The birth of big government of free markers (1932), the birth of the military-industrial complex (1049) and the rebirth of free markets (1982).

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