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Very Off Topic: The H20 Diet for weight loss


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The H20 Diet


Many studies show drinking ~16 ounces of water from 0-30 minutes prior to eating meals fills your stomach and suppresses your appetite.  Weight loss ranged from ~1-3 lbs per month.


This really surprised me.  I had heard of drinking water before meals but didn't realize many studies showed clear evidence of its effectiveness.  Although I do remember reading a story about some starving African kid who would fill his tummy to lessen his hunger.


If effective I think many people can lose weight fairly easily just by drinking a lot of water (no beer!) before meals.

2 lbs per month would be 24 lbs per year.  I think it is a powerful long term solution. Cheap too.


Water before meals helps lose weight.



Another study found the same thing not mentioned in the wikipedia summary.


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