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The TRUE Cost of a Wedding


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To me weddings are torture. Paying $10000 for a wedding is like paying $10000 to get kicked in the ass repeatedly. They are a headache to organize. Incredibly stressful to plan. And usually the actual day is itself stressful and requires you to go up to a bunch of people you barely know and pretend to be happy they came. And then there are all the things that inevitably go wrong and piss you off.


And I don't get why it costs money to spend time with friends. Go to Boston Pizza. It doesn't cost $10000.


And I also don't understand how the value of a wife is equated to spending money on her. To me it makes sense to spend money on things. And to trade off money for time that you spend with people. A woman who you spend no time with but spend money on is called a prostitute.


As far as I can see adulthood consists of doing really stupid things repeatedly that make absolutely no sense but you have to do them because if you don't everyone else will judge you as pathetic. Its all about the optics.


Hear, hear.  8)


I like the italicized part. :)


Anyway, yeah, it's great if you can do what you like and your wife and friends are on the same wavelength.  :) Makes life so much easier. Relatives - relatives are tough - can't choose them like you choose friends ;) - some are great, some suck. Have to deal with that though. Sometimes find something that works for everyone. Sometimes not.


My mother's last wedding was at Elvis non-Elvis chapel in Vegas with just her, her husband and me. Plus dinner at Stratosphere. She's been happily married for >10 years now. Yeah, it wasn't dream wedding perhaps, but I doubt dream wedding would have changed much in the married life. ;)

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This is more general but I know that different cultures have different traditions and that's fine.  However, spending more than you have or parents contributing more than they probably should is still not a good idea.  I think it was De Beers who promoted spending two months' worth of income on a ring, there are wedding lists so large that people don't see each other and most weddings are over fairly quickly.  If you are affluent (or have parents who are) that's fine  but lots of people have a big hole in their pocket and a 50% chance of having nothing to show for it.  Just one man's opinion.



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Instead of spending all that money on a wedding why not just find a woman you hate and give her half your stuff?


I guess people expect some positive moments between the wedding and the giving half stuff...  ::)

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