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Benjamin Graham - The Memoirs of the Dean of Wall Street


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"When I entered, I was an innocent and sensitive child; when I graduated, just past twelve, I knew how to steel myself against fortune's slings and arrows, to earn a little money in a variety of ways, to concentrate hard on whatever I had to do and above all, to rely mainly upon myself for understanding, encouragement, and pretty nearly everything else"

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I read the book several years ago.  A few things stuck out in my mind as I was reading the book.


- he was brutally honest

- he was even more intellectual than I originally thought.  I had the feeling that investing was only a sideline for him and that he would have been just as comfortable being a classics professor as being an investing guru (lucky for world he became a investing guru and not just a classics professor).

- he was 14 years old he worked on a farm for the summer.  The book he took with him to read while not working was a book on Greek grammar.  I admire Ben Graham a lot and I wish I was as studious as he was when I was a student, but if I was 14, there would be no way in hell I would read a book on Greek grammar for summer pleasure reading.  Maybe Sports Illustrated, maybe a detective novel, but Greek grammar?! Wow!

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Adding this to my list, you've convince me.


Edit: Seems out of print. Are you aware of a newer edition, or is it just going to be expensive/hard to find?


$30 or so used on Amazon.com


Though now the price will probably go through the roof...

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