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Things to do after CFA

Guest notorious546

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Guest notorious546

after recently obtaining my charter. I've been thinking about what i should do next and what things would be better for my longer term than anything. Here's what i'm thinking. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.


1) read more books, annual reports etc

2) network and transition to buyside (currently work in sell-side research, and yes i'm aware of all the biases and problems with it)

3) go to agm's like berkshire, fairfax, markel etc.

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Guest Grey512

Are you talking about from a career perspective or something else? I'm assuming you're in a sizeable bank.


Almost all of the buy-side does not give a crap about whether you have a CFA or not. Some of them also don't care for MBAs either.  What everyone cares about is whether you can make money. Leaving the quality of your day-to-day sell-side recommendations aside, your ability to show that you can make money is constrained due to the fact that working on the sell-side is a pain in the butt from a PA/compliance perspective (severely limits what you can trade, how long you can sit on a position; generally discourages people talking about their personal investments publicly on the Web if you're an analyst, etc).


If you find it difficult to immediately move to the buy-side, my advice would be to consider shortselling-oriented or accounting-oriented research shops (typically smaller, more independent-minded shops). L/S HFs routinely hire from them.

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Use the opportunities, sit tight, and take at least a year off from studying to think. When you leave, you will not be coming back.

You are about to learn what every actress knows; there are very few movie roles when you're over 30.


Most folk reinvent themselves, & end up doing something very different from what they originally thought.

They also learn very quickly, that its not just their decision anymore!



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What do you want to do longer term?


buyside long-only, plain vanilla stock picking


(1) start investing with real money

(2) blogging about your investments


Like Grey512 said, this might be difficult to do while notorious546 is working at sell-side...

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