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Benjamin Wey ®


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Seriously, am I the only guy not finding clever ways to defraud investors?




And then take a look at his LinkedIn profile:




Benjamin Wey ® is a U.S. registered trademark.



1) "Important principles may, and must, be inflexible." - Abraham Lincoln

2) "No publicity is bad publicity." - Donald Trump

3) "YOLO" - You Only Live Once. Fight for Principles, Not Live Like a Coward

4) "We never settle any claims, we win them."


Seriously? lol

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I am one of the victims who lost quite a bit of money buying those Chinese RM stocks.  ::)

I am glad to see justice coming finally.

However, there are still a lot of Chinese Reverse Merger CEOs who made a lot of money in 2007-2011 and living happily in China right now. I don't think they will ever get caught.  >:(

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awesome to see this guy go down. he vilified the short sellers who were for the most part right. made $10K on CBEH (China Integrated Energy) puts senior year of college. Felt like i was king of the world!


Should've capitalized more on that opportunity and more like it but life got in the way and the bankroll was quite small.

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