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While Many Panicked, Japanese Day Trader Made $34 Million


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I've seen this kind of stories all the time in China. Brokers love  this kind of stories as it encourages people to trade more frequently than they should, and the brokers can make more money out of these people.

Whether it is a true story or not is another matter. Maybe this is a true story or maybe it is not. Hard to say.  :)

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I think he said somewhere in the article that he risked $100+ million to make that $34 million, crazy.  Risking 100% of your capital to make 30% something percent.

Yea that could have easily went completely the other way and nobody would be writing stories then would they? Every time we have some big market dislocation, or large and sudden spike in volatility we hear about one of these guys. Does anyone remember any of the others from the past? Where are they now? They should be mega billionaires if they are so awesome.

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I dont know about an edge here....maybe I dont understand this stuff at all.


But here is why I think he got lucky...

there was panic but things could still go wrong for the shortist

- what if the Fed,ECB and BOJ all announced some sort of QE or market intervention before US markets open?

I don't know what edge he has to protect himself against such news risk when he is doing short term trading.


But he seems to be lucky more than once....so who knows. He could be the one  out of the 1000 who called a coin toss correctly 10 times in a row.

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