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Share price drop


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As a passive participant to this board I am

surprised there is no discussion regarding the recient share price drop

Seems to be re the the Greek lnvestments.

What are your thoughts?

FYI, I am a long time shareholder, bought in the 200 range and again at


Followed Sanjev and listened to his wisdom.





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My comment, and really question related to the disclosure and extent of investments in Greece. The financial situation seems to be deteriorating rapidly. What will be the impact on FFH?


The exposure is discussed quite well in the annual letter.

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Looks like Markel sold out of FFH. Could have pushed the price down a bit.


Sold Positions


Tom Gayner’s fund sold its stakes in Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd (FRFHF), Expeditors Int’l Wash Inc (EXPD), Brown & Brown (BRO), Liberty Global Plc and Nicholas Financial (NICK). These securities constituted 3.86%, 0.16%, 0.14%, 0.04% and 0.02% of the fund’s portfolio, respectively. We can only speculate about the reasons for this selling but we believe it has to do with either value, momentum or a better place for Markel Corp’s capital.



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