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Biotech experts, please help!


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Does anyone know what this company is?  :P


Green Wood investory's 2015 Q1 letter:



Given frothy valuations often collapse at the onset of the first piece of

bad news, we believe the outlook for biotech blowups is turning up. Just yesterday we started buying shares of a recent

blowup, as traders have lamented the setback the company’s latest stage cancer drug has had, even though we don’t

think the program is six feet under already. The most exciting program in the company’s pipeline is a compound that, if

early evidence repeats itself in subsequent data we will receive later this year, could be on a path to being able to

effectively constrain energy to nearly any solid cancer tumor. Yes, it sounds like a moonshot, but one that we’re getting for

free. The company’s medical efforts are run by the former head of Genentech’s envied (and later acquired) cancer

programs of Herceptin, Tarceva, and Avastin. Given our limited downside over the next year, floored by the company’s

healthy cash position, we are quite happy with the price we’ve paid for this moonshot pipeline of cancer drugs with a very

able manager overseeing their development.

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I'm not an expert but Google tells me it's probably MEI Pharma (MEIP).


Thanks! I looked through it but seems very hard for me to understand. It is similar to MSTX that Green Wood likes. A lot of cash, a likely promising drug. I think investing in pharma startups is more like call options. You can either make a lot of money quickly or lose a lot quickly.


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