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Questions about message board


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I have a couple of questions about the functionality of the message board. 


When I click on "Investor Message Board" it takes me to the page that shows "Recent Posts" on the bottom half of the page.  My screen shows the 25 most recent posts.  My two questions are:


1) Is it possible to expand the Recent Posts to show 50, 100 posts?  I would like to expand it so that it shows more than the 25 most recent posts if possible?


2) Is there an adjustment I can make so when I read a post that message shows up in a different color?  This way I know the posts I have read by the color of the post?


Thanks in advance.  This is a fantastic message board. 





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Hi AtlCDore,


Glad you enjoy the board!  Answers to your questions:


1) Yes, you can adjust the number of posts visible through your profiles and settings.


2) I don't believe so. 




Parsad & LC,


Thanks for the response.  I was able to go into settings (Look & Layout) and change the number to 50 messages.  That expanded the number of messages when I click on a Subject. 


RE #1: when log into the board and click in Investor Message Board it takes me to a page that shows a General Category tab, below that is a tab titled "Corner of Berkshire & Fairfax Message Board-Info Center".  Below that it shows the 25 most recent posts.  Even if I change the number of messages in settings to 50 it still keeps the most recent posts at 25.  I'm guessing I am unable to expand that number?


Thanks again.



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