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long article on Byron Trott and BDT


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Thanks for sharing.


2011 Horatio Alger Award Winner - Byron D. Trott



When asked how he defines success, Byron says, “I think it is being the very best in everything you do. In my profession, it means putting your clients’ interests first and finding solutions that help them meet their long-term objectives.  On a personal level, it means being the best husband, son, father, brother and friend I can be.”
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I was going to post this in the CFX thread as there are a few short mentions, but I decided not to as it really didn't add anything to that discussion.  It was an interesting read though.  I am pretty interested in to see how DE does, having been taken out of that one.  Some interesting characters.  I've got AVP on my radar, given that those guys (via COTY) all tried to take it out relatively recently for like +40% from current value.

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