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Interview with Buffett in Omaha this year

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China’s cult of Warren Buffett draws pilgrims to Omaha





“That way we’re all in the same game together. … That ethos is what makes Charlie and Warren so special. They

believe in fundamentally earned success. That’s why, despite their enormous success, nobody criticizes them very much.” Li Lu

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The interview was interesting to watch. Reminded me about what Alice Shroeder once said: Buffett is very literal in what he says and writes. With that in mind, it was interesting to hear WEB stop short of calling Alibaba a great business. Instead he trails off in praising the company and eventually calls it a "remarkable" business. Maybe that's just reading too much into it, but I thought it showed his "literalness" and how sparing he is in just dropping the "great business" moniker on just anything, even a company as hyped as Alibaba at present.


WEB is clearly a little uncomfortable or not enthused about this interview. Reminded me of the story in Snowball where he's taken to the 5th avenue apartment of the head of Sony by K Graham and he's squirming because the dinner is sushi. WEB is clearly not a xenophobe or racist (cf. resigning from country club story), but it's just interesting to see how he's really an old fashioned American male who finds foreign things a little perplexing and disconcerting and maybe anxiety producing. He's clearly not the same jolly person here as he is when he's being interviewed by a blond CNBC vixen.


The interviewer doesn't ask a lot of questions that reveal anything insightful about investing. It's a lot of the same generic and elementary questions that someone who hasn't really done a lot of homework would ask a successful businessman. Where is the economy headed; would you invest in China; why not invest in China; would you invest in Alibaba, etc. Interesting but disappointing. 



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Is it possible he is simply not knowledgeable about Alibaba hence his hesitation?


He responded rather quickly that he knows Jack Ma (which rolled out of his mouth) and then he started to say he was familiar with Alibaba before trailing off in his praise for it. We all know WEB is a Dale Carnegie Man, never wanting to criticize, condemn, or complain, so his long, windy path to saying Alibaba was just a "remarkable" company was telling.


This is just my two cents. None of this really matters. I was merely pointing out the kind of silly hot-topic questions this interviewer was throwing at someone who (she should have known) has an aversion to investing in tech! 

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