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Pabrai Funds AGM - Chicago


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Hi Folks,


I can't make the Pabrai Funds California AGM this year, but after speaking to Mohnish, I'll be attending the Chicago meet instead.  Joe Koster and Matt Miller of Chanticleer Holdings tentatively have a small gathering before the AGM.  I'll speak to them, get the details on exactly where and when everyone is meeting, and then I'll put out a post.  Hope to see some of you there.  Cheers!

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I think I'm actually looking more forward to getting my hands around some Steak'n Shake than anything else!  ;D  I've been so damn anxious to try the food, but there is nothing within 1500+ miles of us.  Especially since they started putting those huge pictures of the burger on their website.  Cheers! 

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