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Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital Plans To Sue Seeking Alpha Blogger


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I think this lawsuit is more about scaring people with insider knowledge not to blog about it and maybe also finding these leaks.


Yup.  A statistician friend who does algorithmic modeling and trading mistakenly infringed their intellectual property rights to the name, Greenlight, in a similar LOB. Naturally , he got a strong cease and desist letter from Greenlight's lawyer.  I advised him not to lawyer up, but to simply send them a letter agreeing to change the name.


That was satisfactory, and the matter was resolved without legal action


One has to object when there is something amiss or a company can lose intellectual property rights or other standing in the legal system.

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How often do managers request a "Confidential Treatment" exclusion? Is it just for the really big funds?


Probably more often than we think. I'm fairly certain I recall Buffett requesting the same treatment when he built his stake in IBM.


Yeah, I remember reading about that, too, I think. I'm curious as if the not-yet-household names also have that option. If so, that somewhat hurts looking through the 13Fs.

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