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  1. Hadn't looked at Henkel for a couple of years, when I made the mistake of selling HB Fuller. Thanks for the heads-up. There seem to be some real gems in chemicals for DIY like Henkel's Loctite and RPM's Rust-Oleum.
  2. "initial lot" of Kerry Group, as supplement to small positions in Givaudan, IFF, etc. For what it's worth, price now at or below where it was in June before company announced of sale of consumer foods business to focus on "Taste & Nutrition" business. (Just saw that a VIC write-up dated August 2021 has recently become visible to guests: Value Investors Club / KERRY GROUP PLC (KYGA ID))
  3. FIS and FISV, per In both cases, averaging down. In both cases, smaller positions that I plan to make larger, gradually, with possible benefits from tax-loss selling through year-end.
  4. MSM, as a complement--given its strong bias toward metalworking--to a much larger, longstanding position in FAST. Of course time will tell whether I have deworsified among industrial distributors.
  5. Thank you, RedLion. It makes sense that lower volume might produce opportunity for weakness to intensify. I should also have noted the potential effects of buybacks over that same period. On 3Q21 earnings call (11/4), FIS management declared interest in buying back aggressively and described current valuation as a "generational buying opportunity". There does not appear to be a topic for FIS; I will plan to start a new one in order not to interrupt "What are you buying today?" any further.
  6. FIS. Averaging down. A smaller position that I plan to make larger. Seeking advice about whether and how to attempt to anticipate tax-loss selling (share price > -20% YTD): should one expect the rate of selling to increase substantially toward the end of the year? or would that process typically already be well underway?
  7. Thank you very much, irnovo. I appreciate your calling attention to debt and dividend cut as current concerns of investors. I will plan to start a new topic for Grifols in order not to interrupt "What are you buying today?" any further.
  8. A timely recommendation: Per Reuters 11/15 Deals of the day: ** KKR & Co Inc and Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) will take U.S. data center operator CyrusOne Inc private for $11.49 billion in cash, the latest deal in a sector that has boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic. ** American Tower Corp agreed to buy U.S. data center operator CoreSite Realty Corp for $7.51 billion in cash to tap into a sector that has seen a boom in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  9. I would appreciate any additional thoughts on Grifols, irnovo. For several weeks I have been waiting to start a position--and on many of those days the stock has made a new low. The Biotest acquisition certainly seems attractive.
  10. I should also have included [ Bitfinex'ed (@Bitfinexed) / Twitter ], who has been at the forefront of calls for transparency from Tether--and whose allegations have now been confirmed as serious and substantive by a series of regulatory actions.
  11. For those interested in the set of concerns that are focused on Tether, I would recommend the work of [ Cas “Mildly Interesting” Piancey (@CasPiancey) / Twitter ] and [ Bennett Tomlin (@BennettTomlin) / Twitter ] at [ Crypto Critics' Corner (@CryptoCriticPod) / Twitter ]. Protos Media, which appears to be one of the few outlets not beholden to the crypto industry and its promoters, has recently released a report, "The Tether Papers", which is discussed further in a recent CCC podcast: Episode 34 – The Tether Papers (featuring David Canellis of Protos Media) – Crypto Critics' Corner (cryptocriticscorner.com) . In all, control of crypto initiatives--including DeFi--appears to be far more centralized than advertised. Per [ Goddamn Forking Stablecoins – Bennett's Blog (bennettftomlin.com) ]: "The more economic activity that depends directly or indirectly on stablecoins[, such as Tether,] the more influence that stablecoins have over the governance, and right now there is significant economic activity that depends on stablecoins."
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