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  1. Welcome Xerxes. And thank you for this. I look forward to your future contributions!
  2. Thank you Viking... And c'mon gary17 -- don't be so lazy, convert it yourself! :-)
  3. Agree... and you have potential for surprise monetizations and -- one can hope -- buybacks. Downside seems low. In this market, that counts for a lot.
  4. Agree... what's the over/under on how long it takes them to sell any one of those dogs - RFP, Stelco and BB? A year? Two years? Never? I wonder...
  5. Thanks for the summary. And yes, definitely keen to see what they'll do with the proceeds... I think anything less than more buybacks at this price would be a disappointment for most. We will see!
  6. When thinking about the investment return and ROE targets, don't forget the leverage factor... a 3.2% investment return in 2018 turned into 10.3% levered return. See attached table from Raymond James' initiation in June.
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