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  1. that is sooooooo sexist to use that term "bae". I am outraged and upset.
  2. my point is that there seems to be an epidemic of selective outrage
  3. or rape or sexual harassment or relations with an gov intern in the oval or........
  4. When Buffet says it, he gets a pass. If Bill Clinton said it, he'd get a chuckle. If Trump said it, they'd burn it down.
  5. I voted third party but its clear that the Democrats/liberals'/SJWs' response to the election of DT is indicative as to why he won. If you keep this "everybody I disagree with is a deplorable" up for long, TD will be a two-termer for sure.
  6. She can't get through a brief interview without telling multiple lies.
  7. True story! I bought a small, 50 year old manufacturing company out of bankruptcy a number of years ago. Bought the assets pennies on the dollar. While cleaning out an old filing cabinet I found stock cert (in the company's name) in a since de-mutualized insurance company. Turned out to be worth about 10% of entire purchase price. Now that was a hidden asset!
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