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Buffett's 1956 Letter


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The earliest I have is June 1958 and I thought that was the first.


Hidden question: Please share all your material ;)


Let me know if you want more but all the other letters to partners are the ones found most places.

Valuewalk for example has them halfway down the page but start in 1959.



Marketfolly has a compilation. http://www.marketfolly.com/2010/08/warren-buffetts-partnership-letters.html

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Hello CBF friends and family:

Has anyone been able to find this First Annual letter to the original Buffett Partnership?

Thank you, YORK

I think the title of the 1957 may have been misleading.  He started the partnership early in 1956 and his letter titled, "Second Annual Letter" was written presumably in the spring of '57.


It may be that this is the first letter and what he would have called his first letter may have been nothing more than one of the original partnership documents. 

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