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Shareholder Meetings


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I have a few times...


Funniest one is where they asked "what are you doing"?  There hasn't been a shareholder at our annual meeting for at least 7 years!


Once the initial shock of it wore off, management was actually quite friendly.


I think it is a good idea to attend when you can.  You can "measure up" management to some degree...you might meet other shareholders and exchange ideas & contact information...you sometimes get swag...it send the message to management that they have at least ONE engaged shareholder...and best of all, you can give praise or yell at management, whatever the case may be...


If shareholders got more active, I think companies would be better run...

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I always go to the First National Bank of Alaska annual meeting.  The chairman is in his 90's, goes to work every day and (according to his secretary) makes and gets his own coffee.  He also can quote the latest important banking statistics off the top of his head.

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