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Forbes Interview Shane Parrish Where To Find Biggest Ideas For Your Business


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Interesting interview!


I especially liked the part of the salesman selling more efficient textile equipment.


I can't help but wonder if all the MBA programs are the same thing!


It seems that soon almost everyone will have one, then what?


Who will have a competitive advantage?  Will you be at a DISADVANTAGE if you do not have one?

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I'm not sure if an MBA will turn into the textile industry...but as a student studying for an MBA, I am finding that the networking opportunities are more valuable than the classroom experience. But maybe that's because I've read so much Buffett & Munger, for some other students the coursework is all new to them so they get more value from it.

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I have sent the interview to a bunch of friends and colleagues with the following comment:


Shane Parrish runs “Farnam Street” with over 30.000 subscribers. He covers topics like human misjudgment, decision making, strategy, and philosophy. The amount of reading he is able to do and digest is simply amazing… even for my own standards!! Ahahahahahahahahah!!!!


The interview in attachment is brief, but very interesting. And I highly recommend his blog:











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