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Teacher Award?


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I have seen a few posts on who the best investors are, but I was wondering if people would be willing to share who they thought the great educators are? I.e. people on this board who not only provide investment ideas, but also good rationale as to why that idea is compelling.


I personally have benefited a lot from reading the posts of two individuals. Furthermore, I frequently run search's for their posts and read them even if they are not ideas I am involved with.


I will start with mine


Packer16 - obviously  a good track record for ideas on the board, but also a great teacher. He is willing to engage in a constructive dialogue with anyone and gives thoughtful answers.


PlanMaestro - I never really touched financials (exception insurance) untill I read his postings. After reading his stuff on some of the financials I found myself reading his blog where he outlines his own journey in learning about how to value and understand banks. One caveat here is this guy loves to post links to articles he is reading. If there is an article about the company he is following he had read it. Fiat is a great example and one where I simply cant keep up with his pace.

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Here are a few that I really appreciate:


Packer16: media, telecom

Planmaestro: financials

twacowfca: insurance

Tbone1, merkhet, txlaw, Kraven, Parsad: various helpful opinions

oddballstocks: oddball stocks

Hester (please come back): shorts

ericopoly: riverboat gambling


Apologies to all the other helpful posters I didn't mention.

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The four already mentioned (ie. Packer, Plan, Eric and Nate).

Plus I'd add Kraven, twacowfca, Sharper Dingaan and of course our host, into the mix as well.


I think JBird is right though. There aren't really too many problems with bench depth on here, all those mentioned however tend to rarely ever ask or say something which isn't either quite witty or genuinely insightful.

Plus they all seem to be high-grade people. That might help as well.


I'd say the list is also an expanding one too, which is kind of awesome.



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