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A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes - Peter Bevelin


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You beat me to the punch.  I was just going to review this book in combination with Konnikova's Mastermind, How to think like Sherlock Holmes.


They are both pretty good-- for a quickest return on invested time, read Bevelin and look at Konnikova's (edited) lecture here:


or the full audio: http://www.thersa.org/__data/assets/file/0010/1009846/20130123MariaKonnikova.mp3 .


I enjoyed both books, but the Konnikova book seemed to be drag on a bit.  Nevertheless both are quite useful,  I found myself using the methods quite usefully not 24 hours after I finished the Konnikova book.


The strength of these books is that these narratives of Holmes really reinforce the techniques and ideas that other authors may have covered in greater depth, but without the compelling stories. 

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WEB wrote in the 2016 shareholder letter "Check out Peter Bevelin’s new book as well. Peter has long been a keen observer of Berkshire."


I've read this book (seems to be Bevelin's latest) - but does anyone know if there is  newer book coming out?

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Guest notorious546

I can confirm Peter is releasing a new book this year at the Berkshire meeting. :)


Peter would be a good person to interview for your podcast! keep up the awesome work. i love the blog

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