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Hey guys,


Was looking at bull spreads and bear spreads over the weekend. I built myself a small calculator to the heavy lifting for me. Figured some of you may be interested in using it.


Some required disclosures:

1) I haven't really tested this yet. I've casually looked over the numbers, but haven't really run much of a scenario analysis. It's quite possible there might be a small error in it. If that's the case, I'm sorry. Let me know and I'll fix it and repost for everyone.

2) You need macros enabled to run.

3) I refuse to accept responsibility for any losses incurred while using the tool ;)


Please give me your feedback. I enjoy making things like this and am considering starting a small freelance thing on the side doing so for small businesses for data analysis. Just need to know about the ease of the design, etc.


Instructions are pretty simple -

1) Enter the ticker of the equity you want to analzye

2) Enter the expiry month

3) Click refresh data

4) Enter the strike prices you want to initiate the position at and how many contracts you want. It will do the calcs for you.


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