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The Late Summer Buffett Conclave


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I'm not sure exactly who these guys are, but there seems to be a gathering for Buffett disciples in Chicago on August 28th.  It seems to be sponsered by Midway Capital Research, which was an investment company started last year.  From what I see on the registration info, it costs $35 for registration and any profits made will be donated to charity.  Perhaps other board members are more familiar with this gathering.  Cheers!





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Justin Fuller is one of the people at Midway.  He's a former Morningstar analyst who's written several articles on Berkshire and attended the Yellow BRKers party this past May in Omaha.  If it were a little closer it would be interesting to attend.


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Justin Fuller is the guy who recommended Financials in the Morningstar Ultimate Stock Picker during 2007 and 2008. Don't know much else.


As always, Wall-Street has a short memory... just roll over annual figures and press play on the boombox for musical chairs.

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