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It Is Past Time To Kill "Just One Child" (But It Is Probably Too Late...


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Thought some of you might enjoy http://finemrespice.com/node/128

+1  Thanks for posting the article. Even if it was more of a rant than an article, there wasn't much of anything in it that I wouldn't agree with.


If you want a more detailed and thoughtful analysis of political authority check out "The Problem of Political Authority: An Examination of the Right to Coerce and the Duty to Obey" by Michael Huemer"



I just finished it last night and I highly recommend it. It is just starting to become a must read book in the libertarian/anarcho-capitalist circles.  Unlike many others who start out with a controversial premiss (such as "selfishness is a virtue" or "charity is destructive" or "property rights are absolute", etc), he starts with some pretty non-controversial premises which most civilized humans with liberal values would agree with and goes from there.  One of his comments toward the end of the book after coming to the conclusion that state power if it exists will almost always be used aggressively against foreigners he makes the analogy to defending your home.  You have a right to defend your home from invaders, but you do not have a right to do something likely to kill innocent children who don't live with you (such as burying landmines in your front yard).  You have an obligation not to cause unnecessary harm on others.  For this reason alone you have an obligation to find some other way of protecting yourself other than an aggressive state.  I'm probably not wording it very well, and this is just one small part of an entire book. The first half of the book he goes over every possible justification of state power and why it is not valid.  Then the second half of the book explores how a liberal modern society could function without giving aggressive power to a central authority.


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