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Let's hope they really deserve it!

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So what about superstar athletes versus bench warmers, superstar musicians versus the starving artists, etc. etc.?


What's wrong with pay that's linked to your performance and linked to how much value you generate?  We should have problems with people who get paid without generating value for society.  Spammers, people who skim money from others (e.g. market makers), people who commit fraud, etc.


The investment bank CEOs who needed to be bailed out- their pay is pretty offensive.  They did a bad job and walked away with more cash than Ron Johnson (who mostly didn't get paid in cash).

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What makes me CRAZY was that during the financial crises, several institutions were before the bankruptcy trustee arguing for senior management bonuses.  These were the people that ran the companies into BK.


The proffered reason was that the company need "experienced management" in their time of trouble and bonuses HAD to be offered so senior management would not leave for better jobs!  As Nelson on the Simpsons would say "ha ha".


These guys should have been thankful they did get sent straight to prison.  They had the audacity to ask for bonuses after running the company into BK.


Heck, I think you could outsource a lot of management jobs.  I am sure you can find capable people in South America & China who will work diligently for $100k a year.  You could have the current CEO train their replacement!  They do it to line workers, why not have a taste of their own medicine?


Management has hijacked capital in much of corporate America.  They make it to the top, they SHOULD be rich.  But to be making HUNDREDS of times what their average employee makes?  That is not right.  What about the long suffering shareholders?

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