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Anybody have an extra hotel room in Omaha this year?


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Guest longinvestor

Need some tips on getting decent seats at the meeting. I attended a few years ago and it was 27000 people then. Now it is pushing 35000. wow!


when should I get to the hall?

any particular entrance that has more seats?



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Go in on the south entrance, near the expressway. It's an elevated entrance, since it is somewhat on a hill.

Most people don't even see it. After going to 9 meetings, this is the fast way in. Doors open at 7:00am.

We get there a little before 6, with a cup of coffee. All the lines are plenty long. With this entrance,

you will get in faster and directly to the auditorium. You'll get plenty good seats.


If you are late, the auxillary conference & ballrooms have great audio and very comfortable seats.



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