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Grantham video on Charlie Rose


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That same Matt Ridley was chairman of Northern Rock from 2004 to 2007.  Though I do like some of his writing for the Economist, I hope that most people take his judgment with a grain of salt.  Would you trust similar pronouncements from Dick Fuld?  I think not.


Brilliant rogermunibond, I hadn't looked into Ridley's past -- good spot.  Touché!  Doom and gloom it is!!


How about this youtube clip instead? (Background - a p*sstake of an Irish radio host "agony aunt"-type Joe Duffy; you may not get the accent or some of the jokes.......but you should get the drift.....):



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One needn't wear a hair shirt to recognize Grantham's points.  There may be points of optimism (Allan Savory's TED presentation on holistic management of grasslands is one such example, but I wouldn't swallow that pill from Ridley.


Sorry rogermunibond, I was just joking -- my attempt at humour obviously struck a dud note! I really like Grantham and I enjoyed the Charlie Rose interview, though he strikes me as someone who is very definite in his views, whereas the world is probably much more complex than he or any of us realise.


I'll check out the Allan Savory presentation, thanks for highlighting.

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