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Some of the best thoughts I've seen on innovation

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Its not what you do, its what you don't do.


"Kovach’s whole piece is inane, but the above criticism — that iOS’s home screen is behind because it’s “just a grid of static icons” — is one I’ve seen from other, more reasonable critics. Such a mindset completely ignores simplicity and obviousness as benefits. The utter simplicity and obviousness of the iOS “system”, from a user’s standpoint, is arguably the primary reason iPhones and iPads are so popular. Is such simplicity for everyone? No. Is it suitable for all computers? No. But it is both comforting and comfortable for everyone who’s spent the last two decades more confused than not by their computers.


The utter simplicity of the iOS home screen is Apple’s innovation. It’s the simplest, most obvious “system” ever designed. It is a false and foolish but widespread misconception that “innovation” goes only in the direction of additional complexity."


(From Daring Fireball)




Also, the article is a testament to Google's and Samsung's success in marketing.


The purpose of technology is to make our lives simpler, easier. The best technology fades to the background, letting you do your work easily. Creating a product that is essentially a flashy puzzle that users need to figure out excites geeks and gives bloggers something to write about. But is not "innovation" for the general populace.

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