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AAPL, SPY, AMZN, GOOG and GLD "mini" options: New Tools For Your Strategy


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The mini options will trade side by side with the standard options, so there will be no changes for traders using the currently available options. However, the introduction of mini options presents a possible source for errors. Traders will need to pay careful attention to orders from now on. One can imagine the potential damage that could be done by entering an order for five standard call options on Apple (AAPL) when the intent was to enter an order for five mini call options.


The list of mini options has the potential to grow in the future. Stocks or ETFs with a share price of over $100 are potential candidates, so long as they meet the minimum requirement of three-month average option trading volume of at least 45,000 contracts. But the initial list covers some of the most popular products available, so smaller traders will see some immediate benefits.

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I had not heard of this before, thanks for posting.


I do like the weekly options. A couple of months ago I starting writing weekly put options on several different stocks each week.


I have looked at APPL the last few weeks and almost wrote some put options about a week ago. I might be more likely to start writing puts on APPL if I could start at a lower level.

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