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BCG List of 100 Emerging Market Companies.


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The Latin American list looks about right, but they are expensive. Can somebody comment on the others?

My 2 cent.



AirAsia is around the 52-week low. Because its dominant in Malaysia's market threaten by coming new Low Cost Airlines .  But the valuation now is even lower than its Thailand affiliates (AAV:TB) . So I guess at this price ,it is somehow attractive.



Coincidentally,I just discuss Indorama Venture(IVL:TB) last night.  It is run by Thai-Indian family and number 1 producer of PET and run a largest Polyester plant.    IVL has footprint in Asia, North America & Europe.  The margin compression this year is due to Asia sector but NA & EU still doing good.  The company has informative IR section and webcast  here http://ivl.listedcompany.com/webcast.html


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