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1985 WSJ Article On One Of The Biggest Slimeballs I've Ever Seen On Wall Street


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No, I'm not talking about Madoff.  In Mark Mitchell's piece on Dendreon, there was a link to a 1985 WSJ article on short-selling, which throughly discusses some of Jim Chanos strategies back then.  Nothing has changed!  Here is just a sampling of what Chanos was doing back then...sound familiar to Fairfax shareholders?




In recent interviews with this newspaper, Mr. Chanos referred to Coleco Industries Inc.'s management as "liars," called a recent First Executive transaction "fraudulent" and stated matter-of-factly that Integrated Resources "won't be around in five years."  Because such comments usually are spoken, shorts rarely are held accountable if their exaggerations don't materialize.


You really should also read about his actions around First Executive and E.F. Hutton, which were abhorently unethical.  Disgusting pig of a man!  Perhaps he does have two horns and spreads syphilis.  Cheers!

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You don't build a great capitalist economy by always trying to "kill" companies by shorting them and spreading very negative and false point of views about them and their managers. Actually to call this repeated process as the "vulture" of our society would be an insult to vultures...at least they have the decency to wait for the corpses to be dead before having their free lunch.

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You guys are clearly too dumb to understand why naked shorting is necessary.


Watch this bloomberg debate, fast-forward to 7:23, and be illuminated:



Haha.  I don't know why I was so surprised by my disapproval of that one.  Any argument that begins with "you guys are clearly too dumb to understand" usually ends like that...

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