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MSFT will sell 12 million surface devices through 2013


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Keep in mind that 9 million Surface devices in a year represents about 2.5% of the PC market.  iPad sells something like 50 million.  For the OEMs, a Surface sold is much better for them than an iPad sold.  There's a good discussion going on in the Dell thread over this same issue.

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are these wishful numbers or what? I don't know a single person is geared up for this Surface thing. but lets see what happens.


They are now 3 weeks out on the pre-order, though I don't know how many they had available initially.


I'm planning on getting one for my kids, as it can actually be a laptop replacement.

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At least the MSFT advertisement video for the surface is promising.




“With the first Surface spot, Microsoft focused on the “clicking” noise made when a user attaches the tablet’s magnetic keyboard-cum-cover, as well as the soft snapping sound heard when the unit’s kickstand is opened and closed,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider. “Taking more than a little inspiration from successful iPod commercials, the ad features a troupe of dancers who manipulate the device to create a drum break-like beat that slowly builds to a crescendo of feverish clicking and snapping.”





Microsoft Surface @ Wikipedia.org


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