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New Mark Mitchell Piece Around Dendreon!


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Apparently, Deepcapture will be shortly releasing a lengthy new article on its website by Mark Mitchell surrounding Dendreon...www.deepcapture.com.  Patrick Byrne on his site is saying that some of the stuff is mind-blowing.  Anyway, please visit the site and take a look in a little while.  Cheers!



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if nothing else patrick byrne backs up his convictions with uncompromising energy & courage. for that reason alone i find much to admire in him.


in general, tho, i think he & his friends strain too hard to connect all the dots too neatly, in too fine a detail. i get the sense that many of the characters he cites rub elbows, exchange ideas, & share a mindset, which leads to systemic abuse in many cases, but dont necessarily huddle together to plot coordinated raids.


quixotic quest or not i wish him success....there's a large grain of truth in what he fights for.

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