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chanos interview

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How often is Chanos actually correct on his calls?


It seems like when he's correct, he's really correct - but, is otherwise normally wrong. I mean, what has he made a lot of money on recently? His last big score was Enron, no?


Just seems very over-hyped to me, but, maybe I don't know enough.

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I don't remember how I found this, but, it's a pretty good interview.



Check it out at 10:50 especially. I am really interested to hear what people here think about the possibility that a regulatory function actually triggered a panic.


He's right.


We were doing some algorithmic trading then, and we noticed a disconnect in the market.  Some times there were no bids and prices of trades executed gapped up or down by irrational amounts.


Even BRK showed this irregularity.  One time the market at close price for BRK gapped up 8% or so from the price before the close.

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